Nightingale Creatures List

What are the Nightingale Apex Creatures?

The Faewilds teem with an abundance of flora and fauna, yet amidst this rich biodiversity, Apex Creatures reign supreme. These legendary bosses are indigenous to Nightingale's principal biomes, and while their imposing presence is hard to overlook, tracking them down poses a formidable challenge.

Unlike other hostile bosses, Apex Creatures exhibit a unique trait—they refrain from attacking unless provoked or incited by a misguided offering. Their elusive nature adds to the thrill of the hunt, requiring keen observation and strategic planning to encounter them.

To summon an Apex Creature within your biome, employ a Major Hunt card, while equipping weapons with the Track Legend enchantment unveils a radiant golden trail leading directly to these formidable foes. Prepare yourself for an epic encounter as you set out to conquer the mightiest beings in the Faewilds of Nightingale.

How many Apex Creatures are there?

So far, there are three types of Apex Creatures: Humbaba, Sun Giant, and Elder Eoten.

Where to find Apex Creatures and How to beat them?


In Nightingale's Swamp realms, you'll encounter Humbaba, a colossal ground Dragon inspired by the Mesopotamian epic of Gilgamesh. Engaging this boss requires strategic maneuvering to avoid her devastating talon and sweep attacks, especially dangerous in close quarters. Humbaba also employs leaps, ground smashes, and summons harpies to swiftly dismantle adversaries.

When facing Humbaba solo, utilize long-range weaponry to gradually chip away at her health. Cooperative play enhances effectiveness, offering greater coordination against this formidable foe. As Humbaba's health diminishes, she retreats momentarily, akin to mechanics seen in Monster Hunter games.

Upon her retreat, await her return or track her down to resume the battle. Finally, harvesting her skin in specific patterns yields valuable items for enhancing damage or trading as essence.

Sun Giant

In Nightingale's Desert realms, the Sun Giant awaits discovery. This towering creature is typically peaceful, offering high-level loot in exchange for items. Players can experiment with various offerings to compile a list of optimal choices, or opt for direct confrontation to claim all rewards.

The Sun Giant's immense size belies its formidable close-range combat abilities, capable of inflicting significant damage with ground-based attacks. Observing ground projections aids in anticipating certain attacks, allowing players to engage in melee combat confidently if their build supports it. Alternatively, players can adopt a cautious approach by engaging the Sun Giant from a distance, leveraging long-range tactics to ensure safety while securing victory.

Elder Eoten

In Nightingale's Forest Realms, adventurers can encounter the formidable Elder Eoten Apex Creature. This imposing boss rewards players with high-level building materials in exchange for Elder Eoten Wood. However, offering the wrong item provokes an immediate confrontation.

As the Elder Eoten emerges, distinctive shiny blue patches adorn its body. To exploit its weaknesses, wield an Axe imbued with a pyro enchantment. Clear the blue particles emitted by the boss to temporarily stun it, gaining a tactical advantage in the battle.