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Venture into magical realms filled with wonder and danger in Nightingale, an open-world fantasy survival-crafting adventure. Play solo or join friends to harvest resources, build shelters, craft weapons and potions, and unlock mystical portals to fantastical domains. When a portal accident leaves you stranded far from home, you must tap into your courage and wits to carve out an existence in these beautiful yet lethal lands infused with magic.

Nightingale Realm Cards

Cards allow discovering new realms in Nightingale or altering existing ones. Opening a portal requires at least two cards, which are then consumed. Activating portals or using a Realmic Transmutor also consumes cards. Craft or loot more cards to continue traversing fantastical worlds.

There are three types of Cards in Nightingale: Biome CardsMajor Cards and Minor Cards.

Nightingale Creatures

In Nightingale, you'll encounter diverse creatures while exploring the magical realms. Craft melee weapons and firearms for first-person combat. Confront fearsome beasts lurking within the portal network. Fend off attacks by the Fae's distorted human imitations called the Bound. Join players to battle colossal apex creatures in the realms' farthest corners.

Nightingale Structures

In the magical realms of Nightingale, reliable shelter from elements and creatures is vital to survival. Fortunately, you can create estates and personal empires amid the wilds. Use building items to construct the vital parts: walls for defense, archways and awnings for style, roofs for protection from rain and sunlight. Piece together the essential components to craft everything from cozy cottages to lavish fantasy palaces, establishing your foothold realm by realm.