Nightingale Realm Cards List

What are Realm Cards?

Cards allow discovering new realms in Nightingale or altering existing ones. Opening a portal requires at least two cards, which are then consumed. Activating portals or using a Realmic Transmutor also consumes cards. Craft or loot more cards to continue traversing fantastical worlds.

There are three types of Cards in Nightingale: Biome CardsMajor Cards and Minor Cards.

Biome Cards

Biome Cards determine the environment of a Realm. They are one of the two essential cards needed to unlock a Portal.

Major Cards

Major Cards establish the Difficulty level of a Realm. They are one of the two essential cards needed to unlock a Portal.

Minor Cards

Minor Cards can impact the conditions of the Realm you are presently exploring. These effects may include altering gravity, enhancing loot acquisition, reducing crafting time, and various others.

How to Unlock Realm Cards?

In Nightingale, there are two methods to acquire more Cards: purchasing new Card recipes from Essence Traders and completing quests.

Typically, Major Cards become available upon reaching a specific Gear Score and successfully clearing a Site of Power. Meanwhile, the majority of Minor Cards are obtained through purchases from Essence Traders.

While crafting recipes aren't necessary to obtain Cards—since they can be discovered as loot at Points of Interest within a Realm—you won't have the consistent ability to produce Cards without the appropriate crafting recipe.

How to Craft Realm Cards?

You can craft Cards using a Simple Enchanter's Focus. At the very least, you'll need a Simple Saw Table to produce Paper and a Simple Mortar Station to create Ink. Moreover, crafting certain Cards may necessitate spending Essence.