Nightingale Structures List

How to Unlock Building in Nightingale?

You can unlock the building feature in Nightingale by finishing the Tutorial. After completing the final objective in the Swamp Realm, Puck will prompt you to select one of the three Biomes. This choice will guide you to your initial Abeyance Realm.

Once in your Abeyance Realm, you can construct buildings virtually anywhere within the Realm. Moreover, you can place standard buildings in any other Realm you explore from this moment onward.

What is the best place to build your base in Nightingale?

The optimal location for establishing your base in Nightingale is within an Abeyance Realm. Abeyance Realms grant access to Sites of Power, which are essential for unlocking higher-difficulty Realms.

How to Move to a New Estate Realm / Home Realm?

You can seamlessly transition to a new Estate Realm (or Home Realm) without losing any of your belongings by following these steps:

1.Open a Portal to the desired new Realm, ensuring to select the "Reset Realm" checkbox located at the bottom-left.

2.Once you've identified a suitable location for construction, begin establishing your new house.

3.Place storage units within the new Realm and gradually transfer your possessions from the old Realm over multiple trips.

4.Upon completing the relocation of all items, set up a new Estate Cairn and bind yourself to it.

5.Dismantle your old structure to reclaim its resources.

6.Close the portal, causing your old Realm to disappear permanently; meanwhile, your new Realm will be safeguarded by the activated Estate Cairn.

How to Unlock More Building Pieces?

You can access additional building components by acquiring them from Essence Traders. Advanced Realms will provide access to fresh crafting recipes and building materials.

How to Repair Buildings?

You can restore buildings using a Simple Hammer. Once you've crafted a Simple Hammer, equip it and use it to repair building pieces by hitting them.

How to Deconstruct Buildings?

You will need to utilize your tools, such as a pickaxe or an axe, to dismantle the building pieces and reclaim the resources.