Astrolabe Ascended Card

Astrolabe Ascended Card



Activate this card to explore a Realm of moderate danger, inhabited by the Calcularia and the remnants of humanity's Realmic airfields. Astrolabe Realms have sparked the theory that Faewild skies are intertwined with the Demiurge. These realms are favored by the Calcularia, who aspire to wield powers surpassing humanity's reach.

Crafting Recipe

Foil Paper
Amount: 1
Lustrous Ink
Amount: 1

Astrolabe Ascended Card Effects

An End-Game rendition of Astrolabe, featuring Calcularia faction NPCs with a moderate level of danger.

How to Unlock Astrolabe Ascended Card

An End-Game unlock obtained from the Ascended Forest, Swamp, and Desert Antiquarian Essence Trader.

Astrolabe Ascended Card Crafted By

Excellent Enchanter’s Focus