Astrolabe Card

Astrolabe Card



Activate this card to explore a Realm of moderate danger, inhabited by the Calcularia and the remnants of humanity's Realmic airfields. Astrolabe Realms have spurred theories suggesting a connection between Faewild skies and the Demiurge. These realms are favored by the Calcularia, who seek to wield powers beyond humanity's reach.

Crafting Recipe

Essence Dust
Amount: 25
Amount: 1
Amount: 1

Astrolabe Card Effects

Tier 1 card that introduces astronomical-themed Points of Interest (POIs) across the map.

How to Unlock Astrolabe Card

To learn the recipe for this card, you must triumph over the Astrolabe dungeon in your home Abeyance world.

Astrolabe Card Crafted By

Excellent Enchanter’s Focus
Simple Enchanter’s Focus
Refined Enchanter’s Focus